Monday, March 19, 2012

Some new vintage things

As promised in a previous post here are pictures of some of my more recent eBay vintage finds :)

This is a pair of 40s shoes I found on eBay UK, the only hard thing about the UK is the different shoe sizes. Over there I am a size 5 but here I am a size 7, something you have to pay close attention to.

These are a cute pair of reproductions 40s sunglasses, they were super cheap and make for a great detail.

The purse they are pictured with is 40s, and the first purse from the era I really liked. It came from a vintage sale the other weekend hosted by the Art Deco Society of LA. I also picked up this little hat which I think will be great for a fourth of july event. 

I snagged this dainty little walking parasol at a super cheap price. When it arrived the canopy was filthy but intact, so I took it off and washed it, it came out nearly white again just a few lines of discoloration. The next step is to replace the handle, which should happen soon as the replacement is in the mail :) it should be a great detail for edwardian and Victorian picnics this summer

This shawl was a wonderful find, Victorian and huge in size it is like the paisley shawls that are so popular and also so expensive, only it wasn't expensive at all. I love the grey and subtle pattern and the wool is very heavy so it has plenty of warmth and great drape. I might even use it for the upcoming regency event.

This last hat was my anniversary gift from Michael this year, it had great movement and striking feathers. I am planning to use it for the April titanic tar as well as possibly a 30s event as it is a perfect match for my big camel cashmere coat.

Upcoming items: the new parasol handle, a 20s scarf, and vintage travel perfume case.

And another update on the cupcake dress, just 5 days till the event now!

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