Friday, March 30, 2012

Details of the Teens era walking suit

This was the suit I wore to the tea dance just a few weekends ago. 

As I had mentioned this was my Christmas present this last year from Michael. Amazingly the suit fit with out any alterations! And it looks as if it was never worn, it has no discoloration or wear, and the silk lining is still very sturdy. 

The lining is the most astonishing part as it is a collage of vibrant colors! 

The jacket is decorated with multiple rows of small matching fabric covered buttons and embroidered arrows. 

The front has double pockets on both sides and all seams and edges and finished with a small piping. 

And my personal little joy is the tag. I just have a thing for vintage tags, they are all so unique and an expression of the company or person that produced or sold the item :)

Hope you have a great weekend

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