Monday, April 2, 2012

A wonderful gift

Happy Monday!

This weekend Michael surprised me with the most wonderful gift! And i thought to share it with you. He found a lovely walking length parasol. 

This one has a black silk canopy and dark wood so it will be a great counterpoint to the linen and ivory one we are currently working on restoring. Unfortunately the canopy is shot, as old silk always does but the handle and the canopy frame are in great shape. In fact it's so lovely as is and I would so rarely need to open it that I am just going to use it regardless until I find the time to restore the canopy.

The curved handle with the swan like head shape is so elegant. I have no idea what the wood is but it looks like tortoise shell, Michael gave it a polish and it just gleams now! 

The little silver collar ha lovely engraving on it and hallmarks which denotes sterling silver, there is a way to tell the age and region of a hallmarked price I you know how to read them, would be a fun thing to know at some point. The initials engraved on it are a scrolling M and W, of which Michael promptly declared stands for "Michaels woman" silly man :)

So excited for an opportunity to use it! Maybe the next picnic . . .

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