Thursday, April 26, 2012

Regency dress #1

Okay back to our regularly scheduled projects!!!
The first regency dress is done. I started with the more plain printed linen one. 

I cut this dress out a few weeks ago, which is my least favorite part of the whole process. 

I am using the drawstring dress pattern by sense and sensibility. I chose it over her original gathered front dress as this is easier to get on and off by myself (no back closure). 

The dress went together really easily, as I have made this pattern once before. 

The bodice and sleeves go together first.

Then the skirt, which is then attached to the bodice.

Then cords are run through channels at the neck and waist to bring it together. The sleeves are elbow length and I am going to set a straight hem just above floor level as this dress will be more of a "working" dress. Though I will do the hem later when the other dress is done (hemming is another thing I hate having to do). 

I put my sister in the dress so that I could get photos of it for you :)

My sister used to be my dress form for the longest time till she finally got sick of being forced to stand still for long periods of time and stabbed with pins so she bought me a dress form for Christmas a few years back. I can still usually convince her to stand for photos but that doesn't keep her from being a goof ball about it :)

Her reenacting "pride prejudice and zombies" ;)

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