Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Renaissance Fair Reunion

Okay all, pictures have arrived!! Not as many as I would like but still something is better then nothing :)

The reunion was great, so many people showed up and in costume too! The court looked huge which made for some good views for the crowd I am sure :) 

Although the day was WAY TOO HOT for my taste!! 

Michael looking regal, I love his stance with his hand resting on his sword hilt :) don't mind my hand in the picture handing him a drink ;)

A shot of me :) the hat that i am wearing is Michael's original hat from when he was in court as a kid! I love that it survived and that I could wear it. Hats really are his specialty :)

My dress was one I had made a few years ago, it's from a simplicity pattern and is very easy to wear as it is all one big piece and closes up the front with hook and eyes.