Monday, April 9, 2012

Now to interrupt our regularly scheduled projects

. . . To bring you a mens Elizabethan  court suit, in just 12 days!! (oh crap) "deep calming breathes" 

So to add to all the chaos that is the month of April ( regency wardrobe, men's drop front breeches, 1930s ballgown, 1930s beach play outfit . . . Breath!) i will now be making a court suit for Michael to wear to the southern renaissance reunion. The only saving grace to this event is that my Elizabethan court dress is complete, just have to drag it out of storage, wave it past the steam wand and lace myself in :)

Last weekend Michael chose a style and color scheme. This was the inspiration he was working off of: 

He settled on a pointed doublet with long tabs and Venetians in a bottle green heavy wool. The doublet will be slashed  and with a gold silk velvet puff, the sleeves will be in the same gold velvet. I'm also making him a linen shirt, he's making his own hat. Hats are his specialty, he makes really incredible reproduction military hats and can copy just about any other style. 

The linen shirt was actually cut out last weekend and so I was able to sew it over the weekend. Even though we were not in town, the friends we were staying with let me borrow their machine :) I used a simplicity pattern for the shirt, it's not too terribly non period, though very simple to construct, and it won't matter much especially when all you will see is the collar and cuffs. 

It still needs its eyelets and draw cord to close the front and buttons for the cuffs. I'm going to hand sew the eyelets again as I actually enjoyed the experience from my ballgown. (crazy I know but it gives me something easy to work on while riding the train)   

The Venetians are cut out now too and I will work on them this week after work. I hope to have them done by Friday so that I can focus on the doublet over the weekend as it will be far more difficult and time consuming.  Actually it scares me quite a lot as I have never attempted to slash anything before, so the whole thing will be a new learning experience for me!

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