Friday, April 6, 2012

Gussets - practice makes perfect

As part of the regency project I am making a pair of short stays. All regency stays require gussets, a sewing technique I have not yet tried. From Wikipedia: In sewing, a gusset is a triangular or rhomboid piece of fabric inserted into a seam to add breadth or reduce stress from tight-fitting clothing. 

Since I am making the Sense And Sensibility underpinnings, I followed her instructions for setting in the gussets for the front pieces and my first attempts were disastrous to say the least.
Some practice made it a little better but I was no happier with the results.
So I started looking for outside sources of instruction and naturally ended up at the Oregon Regency Society blog where they had a great post with these instructions on how to set a gusset.

It was just how I needed to hear it to get it right. 

I was able to set the gussets smoother with out any gapping or holes. I really recommend this ORS blog post ( it also discusses how to fit regency stays and which type of stay is good for your body type. 

The other step I did that was very helpfully was after i cut out the gussets and made the cuts in the front piece I used fray check on all the raw edges. This helped keep the corners from shredding.

Now on to finishing the stays :)

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  1. Go you!
    I hate sewing gussets. Thanks for the link on the Oregon Regency Society page!