Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Cupcake - post project notes

So the dress is done and the event has passed! 

And I thought i would do a little analysis of how it went:

The dress was a hit for sure and it was fun to wear :) 

For starters: next time I'm going to start a project this big, sooner and procrastinate less (don't laugh at me, I'm really going to try to get better about that, I promise :)

I loved the trim I did to the skirt, trim in self fabric for the victorian era is so key. And I was proud of all the ruffling and gathering I did (to toot my own horn a little). 

However, Next time I would use a little stronger thread for tacking down the details. I had a flower pop off that had to be  pinned back on and one of the loops on my bow popped too and so it hung a little droopy all evening. Also though I was really happy with the overall shape of the skirts I achieved using a small cage and a bustle pad next time I think I want the pink under skirt to go over the cage alone and put the bustle pad over that yet under the white over skirt to get that super poof that the fashion plate has. 

The hair was great and super easy as it was all fake hair pieces just pinned in over my hair pulled up in a bun. And a single flower to tie it in with the dress. I loved the big double sausage curls set to hang over one shoulder, they were fun and bouncy :)

Overall I think it was a great success and a wonderfully challenging project to me, in both design and color combination.