Thursday, May 17, 2012

18th century stays

The next big project looks like it will be a 1770s polonaise for the pirate fair up north in Vallejo.

The event is still about a month out so I'm not in any sort of rush mode which is why I think I have started looking at making a real set of 18th century stays to go with this dress rather then wear the old 16th century stays I had intended to use. 

After reading this review from The American Duchess I realized I have the same pattern in my stash. So the possibility grows . . .

Then I came across this nice post using this Simplicity pattern:

Which I have also in my stash ( I guess I have more patterns then I think I do). I like this review as she makes almost no design modifications but a few construction ones, which I don't have to do. 

So next step I think is to lay out both patterns side by side and figure out which one I am going to use.

I also need to choose my fabric, I'm thinking about trying to make them reversible with a nice plain white on one side and a bright solid color on the other. I have seen lots of extant examples for red stays. 

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