Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Avalon - or a weekend on Catalina Island

It's been a really long time since I was last on Catalina Island, but this weekend was like a vacation on a tropical island for me! We had so much fun and all the vintage events were great! 

The house we stayed at with friends hosted the cocktail party Friday evening. Though many of us were dressed up for the occasion, many wore their period lounge wear which was so much fun.

Michael broke out his favorite smoking jacket :)

Saturday was really only about the ball, or at least getting ready for it ;) we had dinner before hand at a great restaurant called the Catalina grill. 

Walking down from the house to the grill and then over to the casino sure did turn a lot of heads :)

The ballroom was nothing like I had ever seen before! It was huge and can hold over 1000 people and had windows nearly the whole way around. 

The center piece on the ceiling was stunning and all the art and architecture just screamed art deco! 

The balcony was great for pictures, strolling and cooling down between dances :)

On Sunday those of us still on the island met for lunch at one of the beach clubs. Many showed up in their period vacation fun wear and even a few in period swimsuits though the water is still much too cold for swimming. 

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