Friday, January 11, 2013

My 1840s Dress

As I mentioned on Monday I was looking for a dress style that strongly accented some key 1840s elements like a deeply pointed waist on the bodice, the gathered bodice front, tight sleeves and skirt supported by petticoats rather than a hoop.

As this was not found in any one specific pattern I chose to combine two Truly Victorian patterns with just a dash of my own drafting for fit. 

I used                  And

The front is from the 1856 dress, except I elongated the point to match that of the 1845 pattern, the rest of the dress is the 1845 pattern, with much alteration for fit and preference.

The bodice and skirt are sewn together as was most common in the period and it laces closed up the back with sewn eyelets, yes those are machine sewn ;)

I will be wearing it with 3 petticoats: my eyelet lace, the ruffled one, and a new "quilted" one. (a post on this new one to come next and I really need to get on making a corded petticoat!)


  1. It's so beautiful!!!
    I love that plaid.


    1. Thanks!!!!
      The plaid is in my favorite colors too :)

  2. Oh my WORD!!! You put my 1840s to shame! SO beautiful!!

    1. Not even!! But thank you :) I'm so excited to wear it this weekend!

  3. Your dress is so beyond lovely!! I really like how you combined the two patterns!!!