Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Upcoming projects and ideas for 2013

As 2012 ends and we enter the new year, I am preparing for the upcoming years sewing projects, here's a look at what I'm considering/ already getting a start on:

A regency ball gown

An 1840s dress 

An 1830s dress 

Or two

A corded petticoat

A bustle era ball gown in some form

A new bustle cage, of some variety

Early 18th century dress

A 20s dress or two

Interesting bustle gowns, stripes

And for Dickens, ruffles

And that's just off the top of my head, we'll see what really happens as the year rolls on ;)


  1. Nice!
    Perhaps I should make a similar list, so I can at least see just how much time I'll need to complete it all...ha!*sigh*


    1. Haha I jut cut out sleep and then I can get it all done ;)

      I think you should make a list, I would love to see what you are considering, and maybe we can make something together for an event, like the pirate fair (hint hint, nudge nudge) :D

    2. Sleep. What's that?

      ARRRR, Yes matey! That would be fun. Pirate Fair; it's why I added a sacque gown to my 18th century plans ;-)
      The fabric I plan on using is a "Chinoiserie", pictured here:

      The colors are showing up really intense on my monitor, but it's a soft rosy cinnamon color with a soft gold damask pattern.

      My list is now blogged. Let's see what lives and what gets shoved back into the pile for next year.