Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quickie Sheet Petticoat

This weekend I will be wearing to an event a bustle gown that I made two years ago but due to my new corset
and the new bustle cage 
there are some alterations and additions that need to happen before I wear the dress over these new items.

One addition is a new plain petticoat to wear over my ruffled petticoat to help hide the bumps caused by the ruffles. And as I am short on time I needed a quick and dirty solution. So I returned to my favorite fabric staple - sheets!

Well one sheet to be exact, one queen size white cotton sheet is enough yardage to make the Truly Victorian pattern # 202. Sheets, like curtains are great because you can get yardage of a fabric at a much cheaper rate then buying the actual fabric. In the case of this project the sheet set was $15 (I found them at Marshals) and the top sheet alone was enough yardage for the skirt ( about 4 yards) so in reality I got about 8 yards of cotton counting the top and fitted sheet for $15 which is much cheaper than i could have bought plain cotton for at the fabric store.
And then in just under two hours I had the whole thing cut out and sewn together :) 

Here are all my layers for this dress including the new petticoat:
The bustle cage

The ruffled petticoat

The new quickie petticoat (yes that is made out of a sheet)

The over skirt

And the apron