Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mens 18th century waistcoat

Since I have men's wear on my mind lately I can talk a little about the waistcoat I made for Michael for the pirate fair. I used the kannik korner 18th century waist coat pattern. Michael chose the pattern cause of the variety of options it offered. We went with the high button turn back collar option, using a very nice cream doe skin wool. 

To start with the pattern is written for constructing the garment by hand. Which I appreciate for the historically accurate crowd which I am sometimes a member of but when I want to make it quick, is a total pain in the ass to decipher. 

Second this was my first attempt at welt pockets which have always scared me. The welt pockets, a la hand sewing directions, shortly had me in tears. But with a little talking off the ledge from Michael, my readers digest sewing book and a glass of wine I was actually able to make them!! It was actually no to bad once I had them figured oh :)

The vest had to be lengthened about 3 inches to account for Michael's torso but that didn't affect the fit at all and it came together very nicely :) I would make it again now that I know what I am doing and I really do like their patterns as they are very detailed and historically accurate. 

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  1. Very nice! I am in the midst of creating an entire costume for both my husband and myself and this was helpful!