Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Quilted" petticoat

The American Duchess did this petticoat a few month back of which she was not very happy with but that I actually loved!
What I loved most about it was that she found a fabric that looked quilted with out having to do any of the work.
The second thing I liked was the very deep ruffle, hers was out of necessity to cover the shortage of the matalaise  fabric. And yet to me it is a very period look. 

Since I couldn't make up my mind on whether to have a cream under skirt or a yellow one with my new 18th century polonaise I figured I would just make both, and which ever one I choose not to wear can just be worn underneath as the petticoat ;)

The first of the two is started and about half way done. I chose the cream to start and have the skirt completely done, I just need to set the ruffle to the bottom edge.

This material came pre quilted, it's a cotton top with a poly fill and backing . . . Shhh only you and I have to know that it's fake ;) and based on this original I feel that the little diamond pattern is more then period looking.

Here's a look a me wearing it over my new pocket hoops, still sans ruffle. I am happy with the way it drapes, i was a little concerned cause it is so thick and i had trouble getting it pleat evenly and smoothly.

Next will be this yellow matalaise I found in the district, it looks much lighter in color in person.

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