Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pocket hoops

I chose to make the JP Ryan pattern pocket hoops from Beth's (http://vforvintageblog.blogspot.com/?m=1) post about them from costume college last year. 


She said they were quick and easy and looked great, which was more then good enough for me.

And she was right! quick and easy. In fact I had great intentions of doing a photo instructions post on these and started out taking great construction photos but then they went together so quickly I just got caught up and missed the whole last half. From start to finish I'd say no more then 3 to 4 hours of work :)

I made only one modification and that was at the very end I inserted this little half circle to the top of the front of the pocket. I did this to lower the resting angle of the pockets so that they would sit more flat across rather then pointing up at an angle, they sat at a very upright angle on my hips otherwise. It was most unflattering even with the weight of multiple skirts pulling them down.

The inserted piece is the same width as the top front piece and about 3 inches tall in the middle tapering down to an inch and half at the sides. I attached it to the front and then joined the top of the inserted piece to the top of the back and added the casing just as instructed in the pattern.

It was a common complaint I had read about from other bloggers who had made the pattern and this was my solution to it. They hang quite well now and will be the perfect support for my skirts.


  1. You are too cute! And you sew so fast! :) Love watching it all come together.

  2. Hehe thanks!! I am having a lot of fun with this new era, it's really got me all inspired :)