Monday, February 25, 2013

Edwardian Ball Idea

So we attended the Edwardian Ball in LA last weekend with friends who came down from the bay area.

Now the ball is not historically themed as it may sound but rather it is based on the work of Edward Gory. So when it comes to dressing for the event . . . Anything goes :)

I was recently inspired by this fashion plate:

I love the little hunt coat she wears, the short tails are just barely visible at the back and the contrast of narrow waist with giant sleeves combined with the strong color contrasts of black, white and red really make for a striking look.

That all being said I hate the look of those huge sleeves on me and so would never make the outfit as a historical piece but it works wonders for a costume with a few modifications.

As in the photo below, I decided that a large lapel and collar that stood out would be my size contrast rather then the wide sleeves of the original

Then for expediency ( this whole thing was done in a month while sewing two other projects and having a cold) I decided to borrow a corset from my friend as I didn't have time to make the white waistcoat. The corset is a cream with pink lace trim which actually works quite well and is a combination I have always been fond of. The bodice below always ends up on my inspiration boards for just that reason

As the outfit is meant to be riding/ hunt ish I wanted to wear my fabulous top hat, the hat came with a leather top hat case that Michael bought a few years ago to store his nicest hat while traveling, when he bought it he knew the hat would be too small for him and figured he would just selling it off. But when it arrived we tried it on me and it fit like it was made for me! So we had to keep it and this was my first opportunity to wear it!! I added a little black veil for a little extra drama ;)

The skirt is just the 1890s cut flared skirt done in my favorite black cotton velvet. I have a feeling it will be useful in other future out fits as it is so simple. A good foundation piece.


  1. I saw the photos online and you looked amazing! I so wish Chuck and I had been able to go. Great job!

    x - athene

    1. Thanks!!! You were definalty missed.

      I will have all the photos up here tomorrow :)