Monday, February 4, 2013

Embracing the challenge

So I have come to realize recently that while I am having so much fun with the historical sew fortnightly challenges I'm actually not getting the whole experience.
When you read the info about the challenge, the first listed goal is:
  • To encourage collaborations and interactions in the historical costuming community;
  • And while I am sewing frantically to keep up with the challenges (we're on number 3 now) I am not taking the time to look at and read what everyone else is doing. Which I feel is lessening my experience to a degree, I want to be more interactive and appreciative of all the work being done. 

The first challenge had so many great projects ranging in date from 1513 to 1913! And a range of garments from hats to stays :) 

I am most impressed with the 1790s transitional stays done by Ginger @ Scene in the Past.
 I have never seen a reproduction of these before, only originals in museums and reference books. I really like the look and support and feel like this is something I would like to try and conquer at some point in my sewing carrier. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

My favorite piece overall though was the green velvet Spenser done by Jenni @ Living with Jane.
I love the military look (which is a favorite aesthetic of mine) with the asymmetrical side closure, and the pleated trim at neck and bottom edge just tickle my fancy. It helps too that it's done in my favorite color :) the fact that she drafted the whole thing and sewed it by hand only further makes it great!

I really enjoyed reading/looking at everyone's work. And there are some great new blogs out there I am just now finding because of this challenge :)

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