Monday, February 18, 2013

Vintage Hair - some thoughts

Vintage is a relatively new era for me, thanks to Michael ;) I did my first event with him about two years ago and as its not an era we do frequently it's taken me awhile to start to feel comfortable with it. 
Which is why my hair for the Art Deco event recently was such a big deal. I finally feel like I'm figuring vintage hair out! All the setting and curling, brushing out, waving and so on is a lot of work and is taking a lot of trial and error but it's paying off now for sure. 

I set my hair in pin curls following this diagram:

Then ran off for the day to Disneyland :)
Then when it came time to get ready I brushed out the pin curls pretty heavily and shaped them into waves, pinning here and there for shape and stability and walked away with this:

For the Air Raid last weekend (post to come soon) I did a completely different style which involved victory rolls and some really creative tips and tricks that I can't take any credit for: 

While i'm still way off from being good at this, what has really helped me evolve, aside from practice, are some great blogs out there on the interwebs. Tomorrow's post will be all my favorite Blogs and Pintrist sites :)

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