Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ball gown bodice part 1

I'm not very good at making mock ups for new projects, it's one thing I get lazy on. I'm more of a sew by the seat of my pants, work it out as I go sewer rather then a careful, planner, make multiple mock ups for the new bodice kind of sewer :)

But for the bodice in this ball gown, I was a good girl and not only made one mock up but two!

Because I was making this without a real pattern I adapted one of my other ball gown bodices into this style by changing the darts and lengthening all the panels. As a result of all the drafting  and guessing the first version was good but in the end not quite right, so back to the drawing board so to speak to make it flat across the bottom and much longer.

Round two came out very well and much more what i had in mind based on copying the fashion plate.

Once I had this mock up then I did just a little adjusting here and there for fit.

And then as with all mock ups I ripped the whole thing apart to use it as my pattern to cut out the blue material and lining :)

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