Friday, March 22, 2013

Ball gown embellishment

As per the fashion plate I am copying, the back of the skirt is draped in pink flowers. Though I didn't use as many as the fashion plate shows, I tried to capture the same general feel.

I chose roses and just used regular silk flowers from Michaels. They were a little bulkier and ball like then I would have liked, but they were the right color and size I had in mind, so I just made it work.

It took some heavy duty wire clippers and a lot of safety wire though and I have the scratches on my hands to prove that I was using actual heavy duty tools ;) Despite that I am really pretty happy with how it came out.

I think I will put a few of the smaller buds on the bodice and at least one in my hair to tie it all in.


  1. I really like how those came out. Did you tack them to the skirt after wiring them together? So many Victorian ball gowns are trimmed with flowers, but it's kind of a mystery to me what they are and how they're on there!

    1. I secured my flowers to the skirt with safety pins, lots and lots of safety pins ;) though if I had not been rushing I could have sewn them on. In my experience looking at originals from the era floral decoration was made out of ribbons usually silk or velvet and were much flatter to lay flush on the gown not at all like the silk flowers I used from Michaels.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! What an honor! Thank you so much :)!