Monday, March 18, 2013

This Years Big Victorian Ball Gown

The spring SDI ball is this coming weekend, and as it is kinda a special occasion in my world, I like to go all out with my dress for it. Last year was the cupcake dress

This year I was initially thinking a ball gown to go with the dress I wore to the light house picnic at the end of the summer

Here were some of my ideas:

But then I found myself getting caught up in the natural form era:

It's really kind of an awkward era with the constrictig narrow skirts with the haphazard decoration but the exaggerated long bodices and the long sweeping trains really got stuck in my head :)
So instead I am making a natural form ball gown and using the same fabrics as the light house dress. My guide an inspiration is the blue dress in the fashion plate below:

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  1. I contacted the sellers for my dress, but they had it 2 sizes too big so hearing from all my friends they say you should always order big so i did, and within 3 days the dress was at my front door!