Friday, March 1, 2013

Embracing the challenge

Challenge #3: Under It All. "Every great historical outfit starts with the right undergarments, and, just in time for Valentines day, here's you're excuse to make them. Chemises, corsets, corded petticoats, drawers, garters, stockings…if it goes under your garments, it qualifies"

I loved all the pockets that were made for this challenge, it was a great variety of colors styles and sizes.

Kitty Calash made a regency petticoat that I just love! Its made out of a lovely sheer material and looks so floaty and ethereal.
I always end up making my petticoats for warmth or structure and don't get to work in such light lovely materials. 

Tea in a Teacup made a pair of regency short stays that look great!! And she put in a lot of effort for drafting and hand stitching. But the part that I think is the best is that she also took the time to decorate them with embroidery!
I love the idea of spending time making something beautiful that no one but you will really see. When I do it, it just makes me feel extra fabulous and indulgent ;)

The project that really took my breath away this time is from Living With Jane. She made an 1800s brassiere as seen in the Kyoto collection. I had never seen this garment before, but she totally recreated it from just an image!
Hand drafted and draped and hand sewn using as period as possible materials, the brasserie is just incredible to me! Her work and not the norm choice make it very very impressive. And to top it off the darn thing looks super comfy! I think I want one :)

Next up is embellishment (which I still need to finish, behind schedule as usual ;) hope everyone has a good weekend!

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